What is Private Placement Program PPP?

There are many rumors around the Private Placement Program PPP, many more kinds of intermediaries offer investors to participate in the PPP. However, in reality it is difficult to find a real financial instrument and even harder to find the real Trader / provider / Broker for Private Placement Program.

Many brokers claim to have direct contact and are close to the trader, but 99.99% of cases this is not true. That is why real investors with the financial instrument, for many years can not find the trader. Often they are wasting large sums of money, send MT 760 to the banks and the so-called “traders” who simply can not fulfill the PPP.

Only a very limited number of high-level traders can execute such programs. Traders – very busy people and have no opportunity to negotiate with the huge number of brokers and owners are often of dubious financial assets. Therefore, they have the structure (compliance officer – sometimes called the platform), which will study and conduct verification of the proposed papers.

Authentic Private Placement Program without risk, designed exclusively for private investors (companies or individuals), high-level, according  the law, financial institutions (banks, financial funds, etc.) are not allowed to participate in the PPP. Trader consolidates the assets of private companies and individuals for use in financial transactions, bringing high profits.

The procedures to enter the trade are simple and fairly standard, but the Control Provider Fund (Audit Fund Provider) will have to adhere to a strict agreement of all parties and non-disclosure.

We  have the ability and capacity to provide you with high profits through entry into the secure, private placement programs in direct cooperation with the managers of the platform software providers and traders FED

USA, as well as a number of banking service providers in Europe. It is a long-term (40 weeks) or short-term programs or FED Banking Trade (Banking Trading), use  of your bank instruments of foreign banks with a rating of AAA,

PPP contracts provided a high equity capital and / or the possibility of obtaining additional major trader credits for use in financial transactions in order to maximize revenue. Your investments remain under your control and direction in your account, guaranteed for the period of the contract.

If you have an opportunity and a desire to place funds in a private placement programs (PPP), we can help you. In a short time – two weeks after checking the documents received and due diligence process, you will receive an invitation, which will be assigned a date and place of signing a contract with the trader. Under existing rules, the trader is negotiating exclusively with the investor, the transfer of assets in the management  to the middlemen is prohibited. The contract between the trader and the investor is confidential, however, this does not exclude participation in the discussion and signing of qualified, experienced lawyer. An investor should act with caution and should not try to save money on the services of the lawyer and the financial adviser, remember the proverb that “free cheese is only in a mousetrap.” Investors should also take all measures to further block their assets,  to prevent unauthorized access by outsiders.

Please note that we do not provide a financial instrument or securities.

Schedule of the income will be presented to you by the trader. The meeting could be requesting a conference or meeting face to face. Usually, this occurs after the due process of verification and training completed properly.

In the market of PPP as an investor, you can not lose your assets and capital. In history there was no case of loss of capital and assets of investors. This process is completely safe., and could not cause any financial loss to you: your financial assets will never be moved to other accounts, only if the Bank Investor has Swift opportunities. Your funds will be blocked by your bank standard SWIFT MT 760 and SWIFT MT 700 (in some cases quite SWIFT MT 799), or by direct interaction between the trader’s bank with your bank or Security House for a limited period, in strict accordance with the signed contract.

Banking and other financial instruments used in PPP.

  1. Cash (Proof of funds – statement of account).
  2. Bank Guarantee (Banking Guarantee – BG).
  3. Certificate of Deposit (Certificate of Deposit – CD).

The issuing bank should not be a resident of a country within the compiled International Group on Anti-Money Laundering (FATF) “blacklist” of countries that are not cooperating in the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing (Myanmar, Nauru, Nigeria). Indonesia, the Philippines and the Cook Islands are excluded from the list, but more attention to them remains.

Bank instruments to be issued in the international format, according to ICC 500, ICC 600, must be verifiable bank-to-bank by SWIFT MT760 format, or deposited into an international clearing systems (Euroclear, FED Screen, etc.) that also allow for their verification.

The minimum requirement for various programs PPP vary and depend on the trader and his proposed programs:

Example 1.

To account statement from 100 million. USD.

For BG, CD- from 100 Mil. USD.

For MTN, SKR, BB, PN – from 100 million. USD.

The processing time may suggest a certain queue . Income from 50% per month up to 40% per week for 40 weeks. Distribution 55х45% of Joint Venture Agreement (JVA) .. There may be some burden in the form of part of the revenue to fund humanitarian programs and federal or other targeted investment projects. Even after subtracting the part of the income which is used for projects, the investor is left with a very substantial profit for its own investments.

Example 2.

For Account statements – from 250 million. USD.

For BG, CD-250 Mio. USD ..

For MTN, SKR, BB, PN – 500 million. USD.

Term of registration and preparation of the transaction – no more than 1-2 weeks after checking funds. Income from 70% per month up to 40% per week for 40 weeks. Distribution 70 x 30% for two JVA. Charge of income have little or not at all (i.e. the investor may freely manage his income).

The higher the denomination of bank instrument, the higher the income of PPP.

To ensure the integrity and purity of the deal, we are ready to provide organizational and methodological support to the Director or another representative of your company (included in the CORPORATION RESOLUTION) and the authorized signatory on the account, the depot, where  bank guarantee is deposited

The banking instrument should be “filled”,  fully released by the bank at the disposal of your company or  person without any additional conditions of the issuing bank,

for example:

-Requirements “for its payment within 3 days After verification “;

-Requirement of providing proof of money under the pretext of the transfer of guarantees of the treaty of cession;

– Requirements “provision side trader (The Private Placement Financial Program Manager) SWIFT 103 after the transfer of bank SWIFT 799”, etc.

Company investor in whose name the bank released a tool should provide a complete freedom to further use a tool to guarantee its verification and blocking bank trader in accordance with the signed contract by SWIFT MT 760 format without any conditions from the issuing bank.