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Dear Sirs,

This section of the site is designed to help to the  seekers of funds/loans and  investors who intend to carry out a private placement of free funds in order to increase the capital to invest its own investment projects.

It should be understood that the purpose of investing of  received funds in the projects is always implied, even if this right are not talking.

Trader often has no control over using of  the received incomes, for this role is exist the other structures authorities. Your task – to fully be prepared for obtaining loans and \ or private placement, to prevent the blocking of funds as a result of careless using. So we decided to draw your attention to a few important details of preparation:

1 Do you have a well-developed idea of creating a manufacturing or construction project with an appropriate business plan, feasibility study, cash-flow of  investing activities, cash-flow from financing activities.

2 Have you already prepared the Resume and the preliminary version of the financial model of the project?

3 Did you already allocated of  land plots on  the place of the project implementation whether the permission of local authorities to implement the project?

4 Did you already prepared project documentation, there are conceptual design documents (project plan – for construction projects) and part of the working documents of the project?

5 Maybe you are so deeply prepared yourself to obtain funding that you already have a plan schedule (by month) of capital investments in production, delivery and commissioning of equipment, installation, training, construction and installation work, work on the creation of engineering, transport and social infrastructure?

6 Can you provide documentary evidence (in the form of letters, reports, preliminary agreements, etc.) of equipment manufacturers on their willingness to produce, deliver and commission the equipment with  indicating the approximate time of delivery, commissioning and amounts of funding?

We represent the your reaction to our questions and suggest once again to weigh all the “pros” and “cons” about your decision without preparation to rush into battle with a really not simple problem of the private placement.

We want to draw your attention to the need to develop a business plan and especially Project Summary….