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Dear Sirs,


The Company ORIENTAL WEALTH MANAGEMENT CO., LIMITED represents the team of financiers specialized to use a Bank Guarantees, Stand by Letter of Credit (SBLC or SLOC), Blocked Funds via SWIFT MT 760) as collateral instruments to obtain free (non-refundable) funds with guaranteed return of instruments to the issuing banks without encumbrance after 1 year and one month.

We are interested in finding a partner with real opportunities for issuing banking instruments and capable of open long-term cooperation for obtaining stable investment resources on an equal footing.

To make a conscious decision about cooperation, it is important to reach a common understanding of the situation in the market of banking instruments, existing trends and common misconceptions, whether voluntary or involuntary, and sometimes cultivated by certain people.


Let us to start with the characteristics of the so-called “leasing” or “sailing” of bank guarantees and letters of credit – the basis of numerous of fraudulent actions.

A simple consultation with bank officers of department of documentary operations of any bank (that you trust) to confirm that in the real banking activities of any rent or sales of bank instruments do not exist.

It is not possible either to rent or sell a bank guarantee or standby letter of credit, as these instruments are not the Securities and its using is governed by rules URDG ICC758 (Uniform Rules for Demand Guarantees) and 2007 Revision of Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits, UCP 600 – (ICC Publication No. 600). A careful analysis of these basic documents leaves no doubt about of the correctness of the above approvals.


So, regarding banking instruments (BG / SBLC/Block Funds via SWIFT MT 760), we can only talk about the transactions under these collateral instruments that or charged for in the case of contractual obligations are not fulfilled that or the Principal not presented as well returned in case of fulfillment of the obligations.


Nevertheless, there exist the third possibility of conditionally to transfer the Bank instrument for temporary using (management, quasi-leasing), via the Agreements that acceptable for the banks, without breaking the banking rules. This possibility could be realized when we talk about the primordial obligation of the Beneficiary to return the instrument without encumbrance in any case. It can be fixed in writing in Agreement and will be transmitted by the Beneficiary to the Principal as document -WARRANTY OF THE BENEFICIARY or LETTER OF REIMBURSEMENT. At the stage of signing and the execution of the Agreement such a document is confidential because the premature disclosure of this document will makes the Agreement as Pretended. However, after the implementation of all commitments by the Parties, such a document would not allow the Beneficiary to present an instrument for payment and no court can not oblige the bank of the Principal to pay.


In our offer we are talking about an actual transfer of the Bank instrument in the so-called using/management but without breaking the banking regulations.

The Beneficiary gets an instrument in the management (for temporary using) and are pays for it 20% or 40% depending on the rating of the issuing bank, (but not 6% or 15%). At the same time the beneficiary’s bank in the answer  SWIFT MT 799  agrees to accept an instrument (RWA) and presented the Bank Payment Undertaking – that exposes the unconditional banking obligation to pay the certain amounts to the accounts approved by Principal. It was only after receiving a response SWIFT MT 799 Principal gives the instructions to his issuing bank to transfer the bank instrument by SWIFT MT 760 to the receiving bank of the Beneficiary.


In accordance with the commitments written undertakings (WARRANTY OF THE BENEFICIARY) Beneficiary shall instructs his bank to return the bank Instrument without the encumbrance and presentment for payment in 15 days prior to the expiry date. At the same time the received payment for using an instrument that was made  and indicated in the agreement as the investment funds to finance investment projects of the Principal and partly of our project is NOT REFUNDABLE.

Such an Agreement will be accepted by the issuing and receiving banks and does not raise questions of financial monitoring officials.


The proposed scheme of receiving the non-recourse but the real financial resources secured by bank instruments that be returned without presenting for payment and without encumbrance, actually is  the legal mechanism of transmission of the bank instrument in the management of the financial group of the Beneficiary and received cash are the payment for using it within a specified period.