Registration Number: 1511309, Date of registration: 04-10-2010
Registered Address: 33 Mong Kok Road, Hong Kong;

Mr. Jozef Nerad – Administrative Director

Hong Kong, SAR +852 8120 9434
International Phone +37259593529

E-mail: icc758@gmail.com




The company ORIENTAL WEALTH MANAGEMENT CO., LIMITED, specially created in 2010 for the financing of our investment projects prepared for implementation in several countries. We work with a very narrow specialization – loans secured by bank instruments and support of the private placement investment funds for funding into specific projects. We’re the visible part of a large team, consisting of many individuals and companies from around the world.


We spent a long time to achieve a high level of this work with the greatest efficiency and transparency.


In order to realize the main goal of our company – raising funds for its own investment projects, we develop several courses of action:
1. Obtaining loans secured by bank instruments, that gave us by our partners on mutually beneficial conditions.
2. Provision of loans against BG/SBLC to our customers with a significantly higher LTV than that proposed in existing markets.
3. Support of transactions of private placement funds belonging to our clients in the best investment opportunities that exist in the area of alternative investments.
If we extrapolate these problems on the consolidated experience of our team, we have to say that trying to work on their own, you would need a lot of time to really get a loan and years and thousands of contacts to find a program that will really be implemented.


We have our own facilities for the performance of tasks, and have the support of our partners-economists who have large experience and proven contacts in the world’s leading banks, trusts, major financial companies.


We’re really able to ensure a successful transaction to obtaining a loan against bank instruments and secure private placement of funds and/or assets in high yield program.


If we extrapolate these problems on the consolidated experience of our team, we have to say that trying to work on their own, you would need a lot of time to really get a loan and years and thousands of contacts to find a program that will really be implemented. If you are able and willing to work as a team – you can rely on our support and a complete success.



We do Not accept Promissory Notes/Bank draft, checks or Ven. Bonds/No Bonds/No LTN, IBOE or CMO.

We do not offer Currency Exchange nor will we do MT103 “One or Two Ways”

We do not buy or sell bank instruments or assets.

We also do not offer the brokerage services for the sale or lease of banking instruments.

If you are able and willing to work as a team – you can rely on our support and a complete success.



Dear Sirs,

For 7 years we have been able to create an international team of partners with different specialization and relevant the thematic contacts and have every right to position themselves as specialists of transactions to monetize of banking instruments and placement of available funds in high-yield program. Today I can say with confidence that we can perform any task under the existing rules, of course, if the investor really manages uncommitted funds or has an acceptable bank instruments and ready to work with us openly as partner.

At the service of solving this problem, we are ready to put our experience, established contacts with major financiers of Europe, United States, Hong Kong and Singapore, who has the colossal financial resources and the necessary licenses and permits FED, ECB and the national regulatory authorities.

We follow the medical ethics and moral principles: “Do no harm” and never run the risk of investors’ money. If we have doubts about the purity of the transaction, we stop everything and give appropriate recommendations to the Investor.

Unfortunately, the main problem is not that we can carry out this work, the problem is that 99% of “customers” do not have any money or bank instruments. We still do not understand what the seekers are hoping for the loans if they do not have in the hands of the collateral? How you can provide collateral for a loan, with the aim to pay the cost of the bank asset via loan that does not obtained?

It is not naive, it’s worse, this is a completely unprofessional.

We have seen many scams and suspicious brokers and today I am sure that it is inappropriate to pay money to anyone in the form of an advance payment. So I do not recommend paying even 5,000, you lose it, and no one will give you a bank guarantee or the correct placement. Miracles do not happen and if it is possible to lose money, you will lose.

Dear Sirs,

In process of preparing monetization and / or private placement of available funds in high-yield program, we always talk about the indispensable and clear of classical goal – to finance investment projects. Classical purpose – capital increase must be documented properly presented, accepted by the bank and the trader and understandable for control authorities, from the ordinary tax authorities to the financial monitoring of the national and transnational levels.

The investor shall prepare and provide an investment project and documentation – business plan with the Cash Flow (schedule of cash flow from investment to payback from the project), a brief summary of the project in English, illustrative materials, correspondence with the authority at the place of the proposed project. All this documents is necessary to prepare in advance and have a hard copy and electronic form. In this case, in fact, it does not mean that the money that will be earned in the program are imperative to invest in the project announced. You can use another projects.

The money that investor will earn with our participation will be free standing, however, as you know, all transfers of funds should be made on contracts, understandable by your banks and and understandable for control authorities will be better if your transaction will take place within the framework of investment in manufacturing or humanitarian projects.

Often, the real obstacle to the successful implementation of the transaction will became the so-called subjective human factor.

Misperception of the role of arranger the facilitator of deal desire is “to finish” independently after receiving the necessary contacts and the draft contract, attempt to circumvent, not undertaken by the written and verbal commitments – will inevitably lead to the failure of the transaction. Investors do not know all the hidden details of the transaction, its members, stakeholders, our commitments, etc. and inadequate behaviour of the primary actor will be seen as a failure to fulfil obligations and the entire transaction will be stopped.

So before you accept our offer, check your readiness to take us to your team as equal partners and work in this team, the ability to hold and carry out contractual and verbal commitments, trust to us and create a reasonable system of control transaction.

If you really want to monetize your bank instrument independently of its status (ownership or lease) and then get admission and invest part of cash in high-yield program, you should be mentally prepared to comply the rules with existing for many years regardless of your authority in this market.

The main thing here – it’s preparation for the checking (Due Diligence) in connection with the monetization, and in obtaining of admission to the program, as well as the correct behavior in the planning of the transaction, as with borrowed money, and with earned income